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Traditionally the highly nutritious millets formed a substantial part of the diets and the cropping system in the tribal areas of Odisha. Millets require less water and are more resilient to climate vulnerability. They are also cultivable in undulating terrain. Paddy gaining prominence in the Public Distribution System (PDS) has resulted in reduced consumption of millets, resulting in extreme cases of nutritional deficiency. Learn More



Millets are not very popular other than Bajra, Jowar and Ragi and in all the millets Bajra (Pearl Millet) is most popular. Now a days millets are again gaining it's movement and people bringing more.....



Millet campaign at Kalinga Hospital

Millet campaign was organized at Kalinga Hospital campus of Bhubaneswar on 19th October 2023. The Millet Shakti kiosk inaugurated at Kalinga Hospital Bhubaneswar saw a huge number of footfalls from doctors, nutritionists, staff and the general public...

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Pre event of Millet Postcard exchange

The ‘Postcard Exchange’ event was a first of its kind event in Odisha. The event was organized at KISS and KIIT among the students on 16th October, 2023. All the students left deep, impactful imprints on the postcards through their messages. All...

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Inauguration of Millet Information Center

In collaboration with the Deptt of SCST RTI, Millet Information Center was inaugurated at SCST RTI Museum by Hoble Minister Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment on 17th October 2023. The information center curated seed diversity and information on...

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Millet awareness campaign and Millet Kiosk at KIIT University

KIIT University has organized a one day (13/10/23) Millet awareness program for students. Swayamshradha SHG curated millet based cuisines both dry and hot cooked food. Leaflets were distributed among the students for awareness....

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Semi Final Millet cooking competition

Odisha Millets Mission organized a semifinal Millet cooking competition on 13th October 2023. There were 20 participants in the competition. Various traditional millet cuisines were curated by the participants. The winners will be participating at ...

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Campaign at Kalinga Hospital

On the occasion of World Heart Day on 29th September, 2023, Kalinga Hospital organized a cyclothon along with millet sale & awareness kiosk in collaboration with Odisha Millets Mission to create awareness among the patients....

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Millet food festival at Kalabhoomi

A Millet Food Festival was conducted on 24th September, 2023 in collaboration with Restaurants Association of Odisha where 8 stalls were put up by different restaurants and 2 stalls by WSHGs of Mission Shakti Deptt. Various millet based delicacies...

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Training of Chefs’ at IHM

In collaboration with the Hotels and Restaurant Association, a second phase of training on Millet recipe was organized at IHM from 11th to 12th September, 2023. The training was attended by 24 chefs and experienced innovative Indian recipes on Millet...

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Campaign at KIMS, Bhubaneswar

Odisha Millets Mission in collaboration with Kalinga Institute of Medical Science celebrated National Nutrition Week celebration from 4th to 5th September, 2023 at KIMS hospital. During the occasion, WSHG showcased and sold various Millet products an...

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Millet food stall at IHM, Bhubaneswar

Millet food stall from OMM was put up on the occasion of Golden Jubilee, Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition organized a 3 days(1st-3rd September) program to commemorate 50 years of competition....

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This step by step recipe for healthy yet delicious vegan multi-grain millet cookies make for a perfect snack for anytime! Millets are not very popular other than Bajra, Jowar and Ragi and in all the millets Bajra (Pearl Millet) is most popular. Today we are going to learn about few millets which we can include in our diet.

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